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Khione - Teen Titans OC by Sakura8misafan
Khione - Teen Titans OC
Also,  I tries to draw her Teen Titans style x3
Here's some more information about my Teen Titan OC uwu 

~Superhero name: Khione~
 *Name: Gloria (Wendy) Hiroshi 
*Age: 15 
*Hair color: White ~ Original ~ Brown 
*Eye Color: Icy Blue ~Original~ Brown 
*Powers: Ice, Snow and Water. She can fly as well. 
*Personality: She is loud, bubbly, and reserve. Whenever she has a trauma memory she tends to isolate herself and loses control of her powers making everything near her very cold. She looks up to Raven and Robin. She mostly tells her secrets to her lover, Raven, Beast Boy and Robin if it doesn't involve anything against his rules (example: She took in a baby Pug and only told her Lover and Beast Boy then later on Raven.)
She is Half Mexican and Half Japanese.
*Background: Her Grandfather was a japanese scientist that worked with German scientists during WWII. He mostly did experiments on animals while others used humans. He ended up discovering a way to give humans supernatural powers. He experimented on one human with their permission and finally after years of studying and fails, the experiment was a success. Knowing how dangerous it was to let others know about it. He sent the person that developed lighting powers ( his name is Englebert) to a safe location. He gathered his data and left Germany as soon as possible. He moved to Mexico, changed his name and married a Mexican woman.  
Many Years later after WWII people found out about the experiment, the Germans got a hold of Englebert after so much torture he confessed on who did. Her grandfather knew what would happen next he gave his 19 year son his data about the experiment and told him to go live far here and never look back. His son agreed and ran away to Jump City. A few days later her grandfather & grandmother were found dead. Her father got married and changed their name. He had two kids. Her big brother, Jonathan, and her. 
Once she was ten someone broke in their home killing her mother and father and taking her and her brother away along with the data. 
A man who calls himself "Doctor Madness" took them underground to his secret hide out and experimented on them and other people he had kidnapped Thanks to the experiment, their skin, hair, eyes and blood changed color. He would abuse them and treat them badly. 
2 years later, Jonathan, her and a group of others tried to escape but half were trapped while the rest escaped separating her and her brother...
She was chained back where she was once they were caught and beaten badly.
3 years later, Doctor Madness created a mind control choker which he forced them to wear. He would mind control them into stealing, to get his revenge and harming others. Khione was mostly used for this since she was very powerful. She could see what she would do while being controlled but couldn't do anything. 
Until the Teen Titans came and tried to stop her thinking she was behind everything. while battling and beating the Teen Titans enough to escape, Raven realizing that Khione was being controlled. She went after her leaving the team behind meeting Doctor Madness and Khione. she helped Khione break free from her mind control and attack Doctor Madness trapping him in a prison made of ice. Once Doctor Madness was taken to jail, Khione guided the Titans to the others imprisoned in his layer, freeing them and sending them to get help after so much trauma the victims have gone through. Raven saw how much Khione was struggling and decided to help her convincing Robin to let her join the Teen Titans.  

Any Tips to help with her background?? TTuTT?? Cry run Cry forever Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1]  Thank you!! 
Teen Titans Oc by Sakura8misafan
Teen Titans Oc
This is my Oc for Teen Titans 
Her name is Gloria Wendy Hiroshi (I changed her name cx )
I'll upload more about her soon uwu
  • Listening to: Heart made up on you by R5
<da:thumb id="493895556"/>        An amazing artist is making free requests!!! c: Go and favorite her art and watch her!! she hast beautiful artworl uwu .


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